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What is Check And Connect?

Check Connect is a comprehensive school based intervention implemented by Masibumbane Development Organisation in the Eastern Cape and funded by the DG Murray Trust  as part of the Zero Dropouts campaign with learning for disengaged learners in grades 6 to 9 .It is a US based model established by the University of Minnesota. Check and Connect uses dedicate mentors to monitor learners’ engagement and improve learner outcomes.

Learner’s face many challenges that influence their academic success—at home, in school, and in the community. We know from research that dropping out of school is not a one-time event; it’s a process. When we review and respond to students’ data regularly and with care, we can course-correct those showing warning signs of early withdrawal using evidence based interventions like Check & Connect.

Check & Connect’s Concept of Learner Engagement Engaging learners is more than promoting traditional academic behaviors and attendance. It’s also about considering learners emotional and intellectual feelings about school. Attending to affective, cognitive, academic, and behavioral engagement is essential for improving outcomes.

 The Check & Connect mentor 

  • Builds a strong relationship with the learner based on mutual trust and open communication focused on success at school and with learning.
  • Systematically “Checks” warning signs of disengagement, such as attendance, behavior referrals, and course performance using school data.
  • “Connects” or supports the learner by putting immediate interventions in place based on “Check” data; problem solving around influences of home, school, and community; and connecting them to local resources, as needed.
  • Partners with parents/families, functioning as a liaison between home and school and striving to build constructive family-school relationships.

Check & Connect will serve the learners in Grades 8 and 9. Many researchers and educators have argued that addressing school non-attendance at an early age is critical to later school success.

Check And Connect Mentors

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